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Science-Based Health Benefits of Berberine

Science-Based Health Benefits of Berberine

Berberine is a bioactive compound found in many different plants native to India, Asia and other countries that has a long history in traditional herbal medicine.

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1. Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Berberine may help lower blood sugar by promoting the regeneration and functional recovery of beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cells produce and secrete insulin so berberine can promote the production of insulin. Berberine may also increase insulin sensitivity so the insulin that is secreted works better.1,2,3,4

In a 2009 study on 36 participants with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, researchers found that berberine supplementation decreased HbA1c by 21% and fasting blood glucose by 35%. They concluded that berberine is a potent oral hypoglycemic agent.5

Another study with 116 participants with type 2 diabetes found similar results. HbA1c decreased by 12% and fasting blood sugar by 20%. Researchers concluded berberine is a safe and effective treatment for type 2 diabetes.6

Researchers in a review of several studies claim that berberine is as effective as conventional oral hypoglycemics for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.7

Additionally, berberine has been shown to improve fasting blood sugar levels in people with metabolic syndrome.8

Several other studies also support the beneficial effects of berberine on blood sugar levels.9,10,11

Berberine may help lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

2. Helps Lower Cholesterol

Berberine may also be able to help lower cholesterol levels.

A study of 116 participants found that berberine decreased total cholesterol by 18%, LDL cholesterol levels by 21% and triglycerides by 36%. The study concluded that berberine is a safe and effective treatment for dyslipidemia.6

In the same 2009 study cited previously, berberine decreased triglycerides by 21%.5

Researchers in another study found a reduction of 29% in total cholesterol, 35% in triglycerides and 25% in LDL cholesterol due to berberine supplementation. Researchers noted that berberine has a different mechanism of action than statin drugs.12

Berberine has also been shown to elevate HDL cholesterol which is otherwise known as good cholesterol due to its beneficial effects on the body.13

Additional studies also support the improvement of blood lipids due to berberine.9,11,14,15

Berberine may help lower total cholesterol, lower LDL cholesterol and improve blood lipids.

3. Helps Weight Loss

In a 2012 study, berberine supplementation in obese participants resulted in an average weight loss of 5 pounds.16

Researchers have also demonstrated that berberine may be able to inhibit fat storage.17

Berberine may help promote fat loss and prevent fat storage.


Berberine is an important plant that may help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.*

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