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Science-Based Health Benefits of Chamomile

Science-Based Health Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomile) is a plant native to southern and eastern Europe which has traditionally been used as a medicinal herb.1

Chamomile contains many active compounds including flavonoids and terpenoids. These active compounds produce the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects the herb is known for.2

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1. Helps Improve Sleep

Sleep disturbances are experienced by many people and can severely impact a person’s life.

A 2017 study into the effects of chamomile on sleep found that oral supplementation of chamomile extract produced a sedative effect and increased sleep quality in elderly people.3 In another study on elderly participants researchers noted that chamomile extract can be used to significantly improve sleep quality.4

Furthermore, in a placebo-controlled study on 34 participants with primary insomnia found a small to moderate effect on sleep latency and night time awakenings.5

Chamomile may also improve sleep quality in postnatal women with sleep disturbances as found in a 2016 study.6

Chamomile extract can help improve sleep quality.

2. Anxiety

Those with anxiety may also be able to benefit from chamomile.

In a long term randomized clinical trial researching chamomile treatment for generalized anxiety disorder researchers found that chamomile significantly reduced moderate and severe generalized anxiety disorder symptoms.7

Another study found that chamomile extract supplementation over 8 weeks caused a clinically significant reduction in the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.8

Finally, in a third double-blind placebo-controlled trial on chamomile extract and generalized anxiety disorder researchers concluded that chamomile may have modest anti-anxiety effects.9

Chamomile helps alleviate anxiety.

3. Heart Health

The principle group of active compounds contained in chamomile are called flavanoids.

Consumption of flavonoids has been linked with a lower risk of mortality from coronary heart disease.10

In a 2015 study researchers found that chamomile tea has a beneficial effect on serum lipid levels.11

Chamomile extract contains flavonoids which may support heart health.


Chamomile extract is an important herb that can help with sleep in addition to other benefits.*

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