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Science-Based Health Benefits of Forskolin

Science-Based Health Benefits of Forskolin

Forskolin is a bioactive compound from the roots of the Indian plant known as Coleus forskohlii. Traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine it’s used to treat heart disease.

As a supplement it is sold as Coleus forskohlii extract which is standardized to a certain percentage forskolin.

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1. Weight Loss

In a 2005 placebo controlled study published in the Journal of Obesity Research into the effects of forskolin on overweight and obese men, researchers found that forskolin was shown to significantly decrease body fat percentage. The men lost an average of 10 lbs over 12 weeks.1

Forskolin has also been shown in multiple studies to stimulate the break down and release of stored fatty acids into the blood. This otherwise known as lipolysis and can help with fat loss.2,3

In a 2015 randomized and controlled trial, researchers claim that forskolin combined with a hypocaloric diet may be useful for those with risk factors for metabolic syndrome.4

Another study found Coleus forskohlii can help prevent weight gain.5

Additionally since forskolin promotes thyroid health it may be able to help with weight loss by optimizing thyroid hormone production.6

Forskolin from Coleus forskohlii may be able to promote weight loss by increasing the break down of fat.

2. Thyroid Health

Healthy thyroid function and thyroid hormone levels are essential to maintain a healthy metabolism, weight and appetite.

Forskolin has been shown to promote the production of the thyroid hormone T4.6

Another study found that forskolin stimulates the thyroid to secrete more T3 and T4.7

Researchers suspect forskolin increases the production of thyroid hormone by mimicking the effect of thyroid stimulating hormone on iodine metabolism.8,9

Forskolin can help increase the production of thyroid hormones which is essential for a healthy weight and metabolism.

3. Testosterone

Forskolin may also help increase testosterone levels in men.

Also in the same 2005 study cited above, forskolin increased the male’s total testosterone levels by an average of 16.8%.1

Forskolin may help increase testosterone production.

4. Bone Density

Additionally in the same 2005 study, researchers found that forskolin also increased bone density measured by DXA scan.1

Forskolin may help increase bone density.


Forskolin is an important compound that may help improve thyroid health and weight loss in addition to other benefits.*

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