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Science-Based Health Benefits of PABA

Science-Based Health Benefits of PABA

PABA, also known as para-aminobenzoic acid, is a component of folic acid and closely related to the B vitamins. It plays a role in forming red blood cells and breaking down proteins.

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1. Hair Health

PABA may help prevent gray hairs. A few case studies published in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology show PABA supplementation was able to completely recolor the hair of several individuals from gray to their natural hair color. The color change didn’t happen in all individuals and researchers were unsure of the mechanism.1

PABA may help prevent the graying of hair and recolor existing gray hair.

2. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a connective tissue disorder of the penis that causes internal scarring which can result in curvature and pain.

In a 2005 randomized placebo-controlled study, PABA supplementation was able to prevent Peyronie’s disease from progressing further compared to the control group. The researchers suspect PABA is able to reduce the build up of plaque which helps to stabilize the angle of curvature and prevent it from deteriorating.2

PABA may be useful for people with Peyronie’s disease.


PABA is an important nutrient that may help protect hair follicles.*

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