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Science-Based Health Benefits of Passion Flower

Science-Based Health Benefits of Passion Flower

Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) otherwise known as purple passion flower is a plant native to the Americas and has traditionally been used by Native Americans to treat a variety of conditions including insomnia and anxiety.

Passion flower contains many active flavonoids and other active compounds which are responsible for it’s health benefits. The herb has been shown to help boost the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain which may be the mechanism behind it’s effects on the body.1

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1. Helps Improve Sleep

Many people often experience sleep disturbances.

In a 2011 double blind study on passion flower researchers discovered that the herb increased self reported sleep quality in healthy adults with mild fluctuations in sleep quality.2

A clinical trial with 91 participants into the effects of passion flower and other herbs found that passion flower extract increased sleep quality and duration. The effects were so pronounced that they matched the results of the common sleeping pill zolpidem.3

A study published in the Journal of Sleep Science in 2017 concluded that passion flower extract can be considered a sleep inducer.4 Another study concluded that passion flower can help with tenseness, restlessness and irritability while trying to fall asleep.5

Passion flower extract may help with falling asleep and increasing sleep quality.

2. Helps Relive Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common disorder in the United States with up to 13% of the population experiencing it.6

Passion flower can help alleviate anxiety. A clinical trial with 36 participants found that passion flower as as effective as the anti-anxiety drug oxazepam in treating anxiety.7

In a large clinical trial of a herbal mixture including passion flower, 43% of participants experienced a reduction in anxiousness.8

Another study in 2013 found that the administration of passion flower extract before dental treatment was effective in significantly reducing anxiety leading up to and during the treatment.9 In another study on anxiety before dental treatment, researchers found it reduces anxiety without inducing sedation.10

In a 2016 observational study, researchers concluded that passion flower could be an alternative to the use of psychotropic drugs for the first treatment of anxiety.11

Passion flower extract has been shown to help reduce anxiety.

3. Menopausal Symptoms

Every woman will experience hormonal changes and enter menopause at some point. For many it can also lead to hot flashes, headaches, anger or depression.12

Two clinical reviews in 2016 and 2017 into herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms found that passion flower can alleviate hot flashes.13,14

Another comparative study into the effects of passion flower and Hypericum Perforatum found that both herbs resulted in a significant decrease in menopause symptoms. The researchers also noted that both herbs equally resulted in a decrease in the menopause symptoms.15

Passion flower extract has been shown to help alleviate menopausal symptoms including hot flashes.

4. Addiction and Dependence

In a double-blind randomized control trial on the treatment of opiates withdrawal researchers found that passion flower may be an effective treatment in the management of opiate withdrawal and managing the metal symptoms.16

A 2018 pilot study on a herbal combination which included passion flower was found to improve the clinical situations of patients with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.17

Passion flower may help reduce the symptoms of substance withdrawal.


Passion flower extract is an important herb that can help with sleep and anxiety in addition to other benefits.*

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