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Science-Based Health Benefits of Schisandra

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Science-Based Health Benefits of Schisandra

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis), also known as Schizandra, is a vine native to China and Russia that produces a berry which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

As a supplement extract it’s typically standardized to contain a certain percentage of schisandrols which are the main group of bioactive compounds responsible for it’s effects on the body. They also go by the name schisandrins.

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1. Liver Health

Schisandra has traditionally been used to treat liver diseases and aid liver function.

Researchers have reported that schisandra may be effective for preventing the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.1

Schisandra has also been shown to help prevent alcohol induced fatty liver disease.2

In a 2013 study with 45 participants with high liver enzymes taking a combination of schisandra fruit extract and sesamin, researchers reported that liver enzymes and fatty liver were both significantly improved following supplementation.3

Multiple other studies have also reported on the hepatoprotective effects of schisandra extract.4,5,6

Schisandra may help improve liver function and health.


Schisandra is an important berry that may help improve liver health.*

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