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Science-Based Health Benefits of Silica (Bamboo Extract)

Science-Based Health Benefits of Silica (Bamboo Extract)

Silica is otherwise known as silicon dioxide or SiO2 and is an important source of silicon for the body. Silicon is thought to be an essential nutrient the body needs to function and is used in bones, hair, nails, joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.

One of the best sources of silica is bamboo which is typically sold as an extract standardized to 70% silica. 

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1. Hair Health

Silica may improve the brightness of hair and reduce hair loss.1

In a 2005 study with 50 women, researchers found silicon significantly reduced hair brittleness.2

Another study found silicon supplementation resulted in thicker hair that was more elastic and harder to break.3

Silica supplementation may increase hair strength and supports hair health.

2. Skin Health

Silica is a key to optimal collagen synthesis which helps to keep skin elastic, strong and wrinkle free.1

Also in the same 2005 study involving 50 women cited above, silicon was shown to have significant positive effects on skin mechanical properties and skin surface.2

Silica helps collagen synthesis which can help keep skin elastic and wrinkle free.

3. Nails Health

Additionally silicon was shown to significantly lower nail brittleness after 20 weeks.2

Silica supplementation may help prevent brittle nails.

4. Bone Health

Silica has also been shown to promote bone and connective tissue health.4

It is thought that silicon may influence the formation and utilization of glycosaminoglycans, mucopolysaccharides, and collagen in bone and connective tissue.4

Silica may help contribute to healthy bones.


Silica is an important nutrient that may help improve hair, skin and nails health.*

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