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Science-Based Health Benefits of Vanadium

Science-Based Health Benefits of Vanadium

Vanadium is an important mineral with a variety of functions in the body.1

It is a trace mineral found in many food and is also commonly available as a supplement as vanadyl sulfate.

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1. Helps Lower Blood Sugar

Vanadium has been investigated in diabetics with promising results.1 In non-insulin dependent diabetics, vanadium has been shown to increase glycogen synthesis which was able to lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity in the study participants.2

Another study on vanadium in type 1 diabetics found the participants were able to reduce their daily doses of insulin from 37.2 to 25.8 units while at the same time their mean fasting blood sugar level fell from 238 to 152 mg/dL. The researchers concluded vanadium is safe and effective for long term use in type 1 diabetics.3

Vanadium may also be able to mimic the effects of insulin.4 Other studies also note the mineral is promising.5,6

Vanadium may help lower blood sugar levels.

2. Heart Health

The majority of cholesterol that circulates in a person’s blood is made in their liver. A high cholesterol level has been associated with heart disease.7

Vanadium may be able disrupt certain liver enzymes in the biosynthesis of cholesterol.1

Vanadium has been shown to decrease blood cholesterol levels without altering free fatty acid concentration.1

In a 6 week study researchers found that vanadyl sulfate supplementation reduced the total cholesterol level of type 2 diabetic patients.8 Another study reported a significant decrease in cholesterol levels in insulin dependent diabetics.9

Vanadium supplementation may be able to lower cholesterol which has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease.


Vanadium is an important mineral that may help improve blood sugar and heart health.*

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