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How Cinnamon Helps Balance Blood Sugar

How Cinnamon Helps Balance Blood Sugar

Cinnamon is a spice from the inner bark of the Cinnanomum cassia and Cinnamomum verum tree.

Cinnamon is thought to improve insulin sensitivity through the insulin sensitizing effects of some polyphenols. Researchers also say that cinnamon may help prevent and alleviate type 2 diabetes.1

In a trial of 60 people with type 2 diabetes cinnamon supplementation reduced average fasting blood glucose by 29% and the researchers noted cinnamon can reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes.2

Another trial on 79 participants with type 2 diabetes also found cinnamon reduced fasting blood sugar by 10.3%.3

Cinnamon was also shown to significantly reduce HbA1c in a trial with 58 participants.4

Multiple other studies also support the insulin sensitizing and blood glucose lowering effects of cinnamon.5,6,7,8,9,10,11


Cinnamon may help lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.

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