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How Gymnema Helps Balance Blood Sugar

How Gymnema Helps Balance Blood Sugar

Gymnema, also known as Gymnema sylvestre, is woody vine native to parts of Asia, Africa and Australia. It’s popular in Ayurvedic medicine and it’s name in Hindi is gurmar which means “sugar destroyer”.

Gymnemic acid from gymnema is able to promote the release of insulin from beta cells in the pancreas by activating certain pathways the body uses to control the storage of sugar from the blood.1,2,3

Increasing the amount of insulin released results in a decrease in blood sugar. That is why gymnema is a possible treatment for hyperglycemia that’s related to type 2 diabetes.4

Gymnema is also able to protect and even regenerate beta-cells in the pancreas.5

In a study of 22 type 2 diabetics researchers found gymnema extract was able to significantly lower blood sugar in the participants. In addition 5 of the 22 diabetic participants were even able to stop the use of their medication and use gymnema extract to maintain a normal blood sugar level. The researchers concluded that gymnema can repair beta cells in the pancreas.6

Two more studies also support the blood sugar lowering effects of Gymnema.7,8


Gymnema may be able to lower blood sugar by increasing the production of insulin.

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