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How L-Theanine Helps Improve Sleep

How L-Theanine Helps Improve Sleep

Low quality sleep is a frequent problem for many and can hinder daily life and negatively impact health and longevity.1

Research has demonstrated that L-theanine supports relaxation and sleep quality.

A 2016 review found that L-theanine greatly improved sleep in study participants in addition to promoting relaxation which helps with falling alseep.2

In a six week study in 2011 that looked at the effects of L-theanine in adolescent males, researchers found that participants were able to sleep longer and wake up feeling better rested when compared with a placebo.3

Another study discovered that it improved the quality of sleep in patients who have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorders.4

In a 2018 study into L-theanine and generalized anxiety disorder, researchers found that L-theanine treated participants indicated a greater level of sleep satisfaction when compared to a placebo.5


L-theanine can help improve sleep quality and increase time spent sleeping.

In addition to L-theanine, there are several other nutrients and herbs which have been shown to positively affect sleep by decreasing onset, increasing duration and improving quality in scientific studies. We combined them into one simple formula called Sleep Support by Beyond Vita®.*

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