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Low Energy, Tiredness and Adrenal Fatigue

Low Energy, Tiredness and Adrenal Fatigue

Does your life demand high energy but you always feel tired and worn out?
Do you crave salty snacks and sugary drinks?

You could have adrenal fatigue.

Poor adrenal gland function often results from periods of high stress and anxiety where the adrenal glands become overworked and produce too much cortisol leading to the adrenals becoming overworked. This is what adrenal fatigue is widely believed to be.

Cortisol is a necessary stress hormone that plays an important role in the body by regulating your fight or flight response, mood, inflammation, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep and energy levels.1 The last two are key to adrenal fatigue because normal cortisol levels are necessary to feel awake in the morning and to feel like you have enough energy to get through the day. Not enough cortisol will make you feel like a zombie and even small tasks will seem insurmountable.

However, constantly producing too much cortisol can lead to a lack of energy, anxiety, depression, memory issues, trouble sleeping and even weight gain.2

How can you optimize your cortisol levels and improve adrenal health?

There are several nutrients and herbs which have been shown to positively affect your adrenals and optimize cortisol levels in numerous scientific studies. Using this research we created our formula Adrenal Support by Beyond Vita® which contains the best natural and science supported ingredients to help improve adrenal health.*

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