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About Us

Why BeyondVita

Navigating the journey to find evidence based supplements can be difficult. Brands often label their ingredients under a proprietary formula which hides what’s actually in their product or they try to include as many trendy ingredients as possible which results in tiny ineffective amounts.

BeyondVita was created to be an honest and transparent supplement company that doesn’t engage in these deceptive practices. Instead our goal is to formulate effective supplements to enhance an alternative approach to health and wellness. Every ingredient is carefully researched and backed by the latest scientific studies. 

Our products are manufactured in a leading U.S. cGMP certified and FDA registered facility to ensure the highest quality. We only use premium ingredients and standardized extracts when possible to assure quality and potency. Our highest priority is to deliver products which have been engineered for results. We look forward to having you as a customer and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our products or your money back.

Beyond Vita, Inc.